Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Among the Pines in Sagada

Hidden among the pine trees in Sagada are uniquely designed huts with modern facilities like heaters and a fire place. 

Located in north central part of the town going to bomod-ok falls,the place is less populated and is peaking at the edge of the pine tree forest at Kapinitan. Owned by Tita Ligaya, you will have to walk a few minutes to get there. Walking is why you're going to Sagada in the first place.

The cottages are based on the local designs of native huts where you can experience how the natives live in the olden days. During the rainy season, you can take a walk in the woods and find edible mushrooms. By request, you can have a bonfire in the open while listening to the silence of the peaceful forest night. Along the way, you will pass by this cute "mall", a convenience store made of pine logs.

To book for your stay, you can contact any of these numbers: 09183438415 / 09207849633