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Visiting Sadanga's Tallest Falls

Sadanga was dubbed as the living museum of Mountain Province with its culture and practices still intact. They continue to practice the old agricultural calendar.

But the culture is not the only thing to visit in Sadanga. They have several destinations unique to the place. This time, we visited Fowa-as, the tallest falls in the municipality. The municipality has several smaller ones.

Going to the falls, you will be passing by magnificent rice terraces. During our travel which was June, most of the fields are green. During this side trip, you will frequently see my fellow travel photographer Raffel Hidalgo in my frames.

It took us more than two hours passing by rice paddies and irrigation canals to get to the falls. For the locals, they can hike it for only an hour and a half or less from the Poblacion (town center).

From Barangay Belwang, we followed the irrigation canals for about 30 minutes. The canals were concreted making it easy to follow the trail. 

In some areas, vegetation has grown around the irrigation making it a little difficult to pass.

But those are part of the adventure. Soon you will hear the loud noise of the falling waters.

A few more steep and slippery descent from the irrigation, you will feel the misty air caused by the falling waters. The waters at Fowa-as is not big but the falls is really high. According to Raffel's estimate, it's about 70 meters. I have hundreds of shots but the water particles coming from the falls kept my lenses wet and water particles are very visible in my slow shutter speeds so I only have a few decent shots. 

The following are some of them.


Sadanga has no hotels or Inns but they have a homestay owned by Abood.  You can communicate to the local government if you want to visit the municipality. For booking at Abood's homestay, you may also contact this writer for the number.