Thursday, December 19, 2013

A "Tradisyon" with a class of its own

When I entered, I was wondering why the Restaurant was called Tradisyon. I believe some of the reasons were the traditional foods they served as the slogan says, Pinoy comfort food.

The ambiance, although smaller in dimension, is not in a way inferior to the high class hotels or clubs in Baguio but with a price that’s more affordable. 

The buffet brunch is worth the price for only 350.00, cheaper for a few hundreds than the one I tried before in another club restaurant. But with great chefs like Chris who I chanced upon preparing the omelet, the foods are in no way inferior.

In my own humble opinion, enjoying a great food need not be so expensive.

Here are some on the buffet menu:  

The Baguio longanisa - The Vigan longanisa was perhaps one of the most talked about of this kind of food among my circle of friends. But in Azalea, they serve what the locality offers. I believe that is more traditional than serving something that is not from the place. Which one is better? I believe it's no competition for this matter. There are differences but that doesn't make the other inferior. I just know for sure that the Baguio longanisa is much larger when cooked.

The vegetables -  from the locally produced vegetables, better cooked that most of the Restaurants I've dined in in Baguio. I hate over cooked vegies. In Tradisyon, they keep the sauted vegetables green; 

The corned beef - who would want to open a canned corned beef after trying the Tradisyon version; 

The Pizza - I don't like leftovers when it comes to pizza. The toppings are great so I went back for one more slice but the crust is tough so for this one, I had to leave something in my plate;  

The Bolognese - I've tried others that are a little different but this one is still above my standard for pasta; 

Ham and Cheese Croquette  - why do I always love cheese based foods?

Before I could try all of the deserts, I found myself going back for second serving for the ones I liked. I was only able to have the Tiramisu which I love. Then attempted to take one more Blueberry muffin.  No more space in my tummy but successful in my attempt. :-)


I guess there are better reviews from food critics out there to get more opinions about the foods they serve here. I am not one of them and I only do comparisons to places and Restaurants I have been to. But I do believe this Restaurant delivers good quality food at a very affordable price. 

If you get to Baguio this long Holiday, take a short detour to La Azalea. Here are more foods to try. (Next series will be pastries and street foods at the La Azalea.



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