Sunday, December 29, 2013

Edible Curtains at the Baguio City Market

I took a short cut from the City Hall to Centermall and passed by these beautifully arranged colorful curtains. And they are not ordinary curtains, they are edible.

Had a discussion with King (Frank Cimatu) regarding the English term for this edible curtains.

I guess even Frank missed this in school. :-) He said it should be chorizo but according to wikipedia, the term chorizo is Spanish, not English. I also found out that the term longaniza is Spanish, not Filipino. I am now wondering how many of our food names are borrowed from the Spanish language and if we have our own terms for these.

Anyway, there are different preparations for longaniza and the Vigan longanisa is more famous. But comparing these delicacies, Baguio longanisa don't shrink much when cooked unlike the Vigan version I bought. The Vigan longanisa too is more spicy than the Baguio version I tried.

Even with this "foreign" named local products, there are many versions to try. Drop by the Baguio public market and find the best that suits your taste. Please leave a comment bellow of your choices and why. :-) Happy shopping at the City Market.

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Foul Jester said...

Whew! The items on my longanisa list all in one place... and more.