Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vigan Longanisa Festival

Longanisa Festival is celebrated every January in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It marks the opening of a year-long cultural celebration in the City.

Usual schedules starts on the 22nd of January, the date of the Cityhood of Vigan. However, January 25 is the exact date of the Vigan City fiesta, the conversion of the city's patron saint, St. Paul. 

Biguenos as people from the locality are called return to Vigan in the celebration of their fiesta. They are joined by thousands of visitors enjoying the cultural shows, parades and street dancing prepared by the local government with the help of the local industries and communities. There are also food fairs, arts and crafts exhibits.

Participants from the different neighboring provinces in the northern region are also sent to compete in the various games and activities, particularly the street dancing competition. This participation by other municipalities makes the Vigan City Fiesta not only a local event participated in by Vigan’s officials, but a national event participated in by other local public heads and national officials. 


The festival has become a crowd-drawer as Vigan longganisa has a distinct garlicky taste that has become a favorite of the Filipino palate. Biguenos attribute this to the fact that the making of Vigan longganisa is a centuries-old tradition of the local makers and all if not most of the ingredients used in making the native sausage is sourced from Vigan. Vigan’s garlic and sugarcane vinegar are said to be more strongly flavorful. It’s a great take-home gift after partaking in a Vigan City Fiesta.