Monday, March 3, 2014

Panagbenga: Shooting Fire

It shooting fireworks time. It's the last day of the month-long celebration of the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio. It's one of the most anticipated opportunity for photographers to shoot fireworks coming from five different locations in the City.

We went to one of my former shooting area somewhere in Zamoraa, a rooftop of a small Inn. Chanced upon several photographers who were there early. I missed several minutes of the fireworks coz I was expecting it to start at 9:00pm. It started at about 8:45 while we're still on our way.

Shooting gears: Pentax K30 weather sealed camera, 18mm WR lens, remote trigger, a tripod. Unlike my past shoots, I didn't bring beer in can this time. :-) Didn't have time to buy at the nearby store.

Here are some of the few I managed to capture.


Sheila Mae said...

Awesome pictures!!

Ghemar Pawid said...

magnificent shoots...