Monday, May 12, 2014

Vegas in Banaue

There are no fine dining in Banaue, probably Banaue Hotel has a good dining area, but foods there are not the best you can find. But we do have one Restaurant that can cater to big groups and serve probably the best foods in the area. It was owned by a family of cooks.  I was thankful that I was billeted there during my last visit.

Las Vegas Lodge and Restaurant is owned by the Bustamante Family. The owner Leo Bustamante told us about his special adobo and it is indeed special. Even the foreign visitors like it. Guess the Filipino food is not only for the Filipino taste.

Depending on the availability of ingredients, all recipes in the menu are not always available. Beef was out of stock when we ordered for it, perhaps because we were there during the Imbayah Festival and food supplies quickly run out. But we were treated with something else, a special rabbit recipe.

Mr. Bustamante also likes to sing and sometimes renders song to his patrons. The guitar was passed around to customers who are willing to share a song. The gathered patrons, some foreigners, some local, appreciate music and even a trying hard singer like me received an applause.

Las Vegas indeed is a good place to dine and I just recently found out that it was listed on Lonely Planet as a 'Must Try'. Next time you visit Banaue, you know where to dine. One thing that is not in Las Vegas, however, is gambling so don't expect to find it there. 

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