Friday, June 20, 2014

The Imbayah charm

It happens every three years, an event that is so elusive to me, I wasn't able to attend the last two celebrations that took place since I joined the throng of journalists in Baguio. Finally got my chance this year.

The event is not extraordinary. There are other festivals that are better compared to it. But there are activities that are unique only in Banaue. And of course, the event is happening in the famous Rice Terraces, one of the considered 8th wonder of the World.

While the greatest attraction of the place is still the landscapes and the terraces - photos of these had been circulating for centuries, the cultural activities are a great addition that visitors can enjoy especially to foreign tourists. The unique scooter race has recently become one of the most viral images of Banaue.

Prices are cheaper than the Capital Cities. Accommodations  are affordable, although most of the Inns have common bathrooms and toilets usually designed for 'homestay'. For an actual hotel accommodation, we have the Banaue Hotel, of course, rates are more expensive.

I was billeted in Las Vegas Hotel. It has a Restaurant that's probably one of the best to dine in while in Banaue (please check my last blog). There are two Las Vegas Hotels in Banaue owned by the Bustamante family.

Going back to the Imbayah Festival, here are some of the shots I was able to steal during this unique, once-in-every-three-years Festival.

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