Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Grand Cañao of Benguet

If you’re looking for an alternative destination just after the rainy days in the northern Philippines, there's Adivay in Benguet Province, one of the major festivals in the Region. Adivay festival coincides with Benguet Province’s Foundation Day which is November 23. The province was created in 1900.

This 2014, the main event was scheduled on the 24th, Monday. The street parade and street performances will happen in the morning to be followed by the Grand Cañao.

The Street parade showcases cultural presentations as well as drums and lyre performances of participating schools and government units and departments.

The Grand Cañao is a traditional feast that starts with catching of boars by the different municipalities of the provinces followed by simultaneous butchering of the animals that will be prepared for the meals of participating audience.

You will need a strong stomach if you want to witness the traditional synchronized butchering which is a thanksgiving celebration and also a ritual to invoke the good spirits for productive economic growth in the coming years.

Visit this link for the complete schedule of the Festival,