Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Imbayah Festival to be celebrated annually

Click here for the Schedule of Imbayah 2015.

Banaue, Ifugao has made some changes in the celebration of Imbayah Festival, which will now be celebrated annually. 

According to Banaue Mayor Jerry Dalipug, the bid for the change is to keep the rich culture alive among Banaue constituents and have more chances for tourists to understand their customs and traditions.

Dalipog said this special occasion will rekindle the community spirit and show the younger generations the importance of their Ifugao culture. “It is also a moment for us to be with our special visitors as we strengthen camaraderie with other cities, municipalities, government agencies and other non-government sectors,” said Dalipog.

Imbayah comes from the word “bayah”, meaning rice wine. “Bumayah” or “ Imbayah” connotes nobility or abundance – an occasion were it is said that wine overflows from heirloom jars and the feast set for mortals and gods. Imbayah was celebrated every three years in Banaue since 1979.

The 12th Imbayah as a traditional community festival highlights with Ethnic Parade, Cultural Dances and Music, Local Skills presentations, Agro-industrial Fair, contested Ethnic Games and various cultural events that portray the way of life of the locals.

The wooden scooter race is one of the popular events where spectators line the streets to watch men in G-string speed down the zigzag roads with their wooden scooters.

The scooters first drew attention in 2005 when residents decided to race these makeshift vehicles, which they put together using old wood and twine, much like the prototype used in the 1960s by a local official to ferry wood and crops.

Competitions highlighting the cultural way of life of the locals will be presented through epic poetry called “hudhud” and cultural dances like the “chinuyya”, “hinggatut” and “ubaya”.

Click here for the Schedule of Imbayah 2015.

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