Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Banaue Escapade

Banaue View from the first viewpoint.
Banaue is famous for its centuries-old terraces. Going to the place is in itself rewarding. That is if you are traveling during the day.

There are three ways to get there. Through the Nueva Ecija Road if you’re coming from Manila; through the Ambuklao Road, the shortest route from Baguio; and finally the Halsema Road passing through Bontoc, Mt. Province. For me, the last route is the best where you can see the exhilarating views of the region’s mountain ranges that earned its name Cordillera.

But there are other sites that are as interesting as the terraces, the people as well as the culture. These are noteworthy photography subjects that tell us about the way of life in this community.

Going around Banaue on foot is the best way to get a closer look at its culture and people. It’s the best thing to do when you are there alone.

Here are some of my shots I took walking around Banaue town and going to Barangay Viewpoint on foot.

Modern signs are common along the road going up Barangay View Point.

As I start my ascent to Barangay View Point, a passed by dog posing in front of an "alang" (rice granary). 

Little kids greets you along the way. It keeps you smiling all the way to the top.

Toddlers who can't talk greet you with curiosity.

More greetings.

More smiles.

And more greetings.

Fences are used to hang 2nd hand clothing for sale. 

Bulol at the first view deck.

Water supply is along the road

As washing is done along the road, sun drying of clothes is common in every house.

The second view point.

More kids along the way.

As smiling kids are common, momma chewing session is also common.

Chango viewpoint stalls.

It was unfortunate that a house was burned the morning I was there. It was owned by the Dumapis family.
A little assistance for them when you pass by would go a long way.

Bar and bar stools are being prepared for an exhibit in Manila. 

The 1000-peso view. This was the site of the wake-skating done by Brian Grubb of the United States and Dominik Preisner of Germany.

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