Saturday, December 8, 2018

My Tublay Scenic Detour

Recently, I served as a guide to a group of riders going to a wedding in Kapangan, Benguet. I suggested to take the scenic Alapang – Alno – Tuel – Ambongdolan Road. This scenic detour is a single lane road perfect for motorbikes. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the conditions of their bikes and their expertise in driving on mountainous roads as they all came from the low-lands.

This road has very steep inclines and declines. A 110 cc bike with two passengers had its chains broken, thankfully, someone brought an extra. The ones driving scooters complained of muscle strains for the continuous and strenuous use of their brakes. This is the very reason why I did not buy a scooter coz I’m an extreme user of engine brakes and I need that a lot in the mountainous Cordillera. I’m pretty sure, my chains stretches faster than some bikers. These are some things to consider when you go riding around Cordillera's terrains. 

The steep inclines

My trustee 125 cc bike I hope to upgrade someday into 150 cc
So this road is not for every bike and although concreted, some parts are already deteriorating. This place, however, is very scenic and having a picture of yourself riding on this road is very picturesque.

You will be passing by some unique views of Benguet like the terraced flower gardens . And if you have time, you can visit the beautiful falls in Tuel. There are also hot springs in Tuel area if you want to take a dip. Just drop by the hot spring resort by the road.

Tuel Hot springs
Also in Tuel, you will see a centuries-old historic balete tree that was instrumental during the Filipino guerilla’s fight against Japanese army in World War 2. This tree served as guerrilla leader Bado Dangwa’s guard tower. 


You will also pass by some of the historic caves in Ambongdolan that you can visit by hiring a guide at the Barangay Hall, the Bengaongao and Paterno caves.

Entrance to Bengaongao Cave
These caves served as the guerrilla forces’ hiding places. The Paterno cave has an older history named after Pedro Paterno who made use of this cave as one of his hiding places from the Americans in the early 1900s until his capture.

Try this road sometime if you want an adventurous short ride.

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